Despair wearing flip flops, strolling in a park

Welcome to Wonko the Sane’s asylum

We’ve got pills to help you with the insanity, to guide you through it, to appreciate it.

Look! Tele-tubbies on television singing ‘Throw Away Your Television’. Yes, they’re lip-syncing to RHCP.

All this time a bench lies empty in a nondescript park while fat asses circumnavigate its meager periphery.

This is when you don’t have the right crying to go with your fucking emotions.

Only anger reigns supreme, unexplained. Crushing all beauty in its path.

And yet:

Yet the clouds try to soothe you incessantly with flushed faces and feathery brows. Bushes sway to the waltz of the breeze and you finally find your tears.


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