Hello, Duniya!

This post is for every Hindi purist and all Angrezi lynch mobs. Grammar  Nazis aur Vyakaran Bajrang Dals who look down on Hinglish, listen up:

Bhai log, I have a Dream aaj!

I have a dream ki kisi din this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We toh hold these truths to be self-evident, ki all languages are created equal only”

I have a dream aaj! Ki kisi din mai Hinglish mei chat kar paaunga without autocorrect correcting me all the time!

I have a dream aaj! Ki kisi din mai Elephant ko Aliphant bol paau!

I have a dream aaj! Ki kisi din log Wolkswagen ko Folkswagen bolna band kare. WTF is that W there for? He feels discriminated against damn it.

I have a dream aaj! That I’ll never have to hesitate when using english to exaggerate my hindi feelings. Haa, mereko fun aata hai!

By the way, bhailog, Birthday aata hai ya aati hai? Here’s the rule of thumb: When in doubt always use the male pronoun. Otherwise, you’ll risk sounding like a Sheikh.
I digress..

I have a dream aaj! Ki we’ll not be embarrassed as a nation when we read Harry Potter transliterations! Griffindor? meh. Go Garuddwar!!

Let Hinglish ring from U.P,

Let Hinglish ring from Bihar.

Let Hinglish ring from M.P, Let it ring from Tihar.

Heck, Let Hinglish ring from Tamil Nadu! Let it ring from posh five stars.

let Hinglish ring from a Delhi ruled by the Jhaado! Also let’s not forget Mars.

Tha na yeh poem amazeballs? Crazy kar diya na maine?

Bipolar Bear.


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