I’m an Organ Donor!

Before you start applauding: It wasn’t a will to save lives that prompted me to sign up. I signed up so that some of my body parts are able to live longer than me. I’m actually doing good in the world because of my selfishness. Ayn Rand would be so proud.

Plus, I get to carry this cool donor car around in my wallet.

Isn’t old school snail mail amazing?  I just love getting an unexpected letter! The funny thing is that a physical mail network seems more fascinating to me than electronic mail. Maybe that’s because an overload of technology has spoilt me. Heck, it has spoilt humanity. We’re so used to e-mails and the internet that we seldom think about how all that information travels at light speeds around the world.
Have you ever thought of all those underwater optical fibres that make this possible? I’ve read that some are placed as deep inside the ocean as the height of Everest! Wow!

Sidenote: They always state facts like that on listicles. Not: Did you know: Mariana Trench is 10,994 meters deep! But: Did you know? Mariana Trench is as deep as Mount Everest is high! Can’t blame them. Most listicle afictionados aren’t very clever.

Look no further

On the other hand, some very fascinating technologies have been lost because of the internet. Ever heard of Pneumatic tubes? These were tubes used to transport small packages and letter through a network of vacuum tubes for short distances by the New York Post Office as far back as 1897. Even NASA used it.

NASA Pneumatic tubes

Cats, dogs, mice, roosters, guinea pigs, monkeys and a fish in a bowl have been transported through these tubes. All of them survived, even the fish.

“the pneumatic tubes of New York City’s General Post Office, when they launched in 1897, ended up whisking away … a cat. Yep. A live cat. A black cat. A probably quite indignant cat.” –  Megan Garber, The Atlantic

Pneumatic tubes that could carry humans were patented but never successfully realised. Up till now, that is. They have been brought back from the dead by Elon Musk, the Tony Stark of real life. Hyperloop technology it’s now called. They say it’ll be faster than air travel and it’s cheaper to boot.
Can’t wait to ride one!

Bipolar Bear


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