Names Have Been Changed

And then he shall destroy everything. Everything, just like that. Just like the time he decided to be God. Hahaha. Messages like these freak her out. That was his intention because he is insane. Remember that time he cried in the fucking class? Remember that time he cried! He cries and magical things happen. Shame likes to pay him a visit sometimes. So he… He? Nah. She comes, and what a grandiose entry it is! Not grand, no. Grandiose.

“I, shame, have come to claim you, for now, I am personified and can call myself I. Meet other thoughts you must and other people like yourself too!”

“Meet Shakuntala, she likes to cut herself, isn’t that grand? Not grandiose, no. Grand. Hahaha”

“You, shame, have no shame,” says I “I rechristen you shameless”

Such joking was hurled to and fro. Not in the class anymore we were when I looked around. In a hospital? Perhaps. The loonies they have here. The loonies they keep near, the loonies to me they’re dear.

Or not?

“Meet Sharman,” says shame “You’re in his idea. You’re a thought in the mind of him”

“How then do I think” says I

“You don’t,” says shame ” you lie”

I do lie. To my shame. So I do indeed and so I did.

And said I “No”

Said as soon as I

In front, on one of the beds in the ICU was Lie.

Lie lay lying. Hahaha

Lying dead when in fact he was lying. Alive.

Alive? No, I lie. Not dead, yes. That is a truth. Not dead is not alive. Nothing but a truth. And so, lo and behold! Truth was personified. But nowhere was he to be found, somewhere though he was.

“There he is!” says lie

Turned did I. Should have known better, I.

I should have known better. Oh, there was someone all right. But not truth hahaha. For who is a lie who doesn’t lie?

Unipolar Bear


4 thoughts on “Names Have Been Changed

    1. I feel it’s probably the worst post I’ve ever written. But for some stupid reason I wanted to post it. I can’t say I’m glad you found it beautiful. I mean, thanks for the compliment but this isn’t beauty. Not for me. Thanks for being such an avid reader of this blog though, it means a lot to me.


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